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How to choose the colors of gel polish on our site?

Dernière mise à jour : 3 mars 2022

To help you choose your semi permanent colors on our site, we have used several means to try to make your life easier.

  1. First of all, the Sorts:

When you arrive on the "semi-permanent" page of our site, we offer you, in the margin, several sorts so that you can more easily find the varnishes you are looking for.

👉 by color: from pink to yellow, including blue, red, burgundy ...

We have tried to be as precise as possible to make it easier to choose from our more than 300 different colors. Regardless, our gel polishes are so pigmented, and with such good quality pigments, that you will always recognize them at first glance. 😉 In some colors, there are many shades, such as pink, for example. As you read this "how-to" article, you will discover the subtleties that will still allow you to "sub-sort" these families.

👉 by effect: glitter, iridescent, pearly ...

In addition to being very colorful, our semi-permanent varnishes also offer grandiose effects to be even more shiny and exclusive. Some have large sequins, others finer sequins. Once the sorting is done by color, to navigate more precisely you can add a second sort on the effect. This will allow you to compare, on the same page, all our red glitter nail polishes, or all the iridescent greens, for example.

👉 by collection: At ALBI, we have collections of varnishes that emerge according to the seasons, uses, trends ... These collections include polish gels: . either the same color in several shades, . either the same sequins in different colors, . or specific effects, which only exist in this collection. This is for example the case of "FIESTAS", which brings together 22 different colors of truly innovative glitter-effect gel: a balanced mix of small and large exclusive and super-shiny glitter. 2. Then the Item Details: For each item, the first photo represents the format of the packaging . 10ml bottle for the most part, . or 5g jar for others, especially glitter that could not be presented in a bottle. Next to this shot pack, we present the color almond corresponding to the varnish number. As we know that it is difficult to choose just with this visual, we added, whenever we could, a photo of the varnish in situation, presented on a model of hand. And since we also know you like to choose when comparing, we've also added photos of all of our shades grouped by color. Which will facilitate comparisons!

Do not hesitate to let us know if this suits you 👍, or if you think that we could still improve our presentation to facilitate your choices 🔊

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